About us


Who are you?

We are latin and standard dance competitors, teachers graduated in Europe.

We are professional tailors.

Our years of experience and expertise ensure comfortable outfits tailor made for competition. We are ready to advise you at

You will be advised by a tailor and latin and standard dance teacher.


Who is TRAN?

Daniel TRAN founded his latin and standard dance company in 2008 in Paris. After several years of competition, he graduated as a dance teacher of “Studio feeling dance” in 2006, a very famous dance studio based in the north of Paris. He’s a passionate dancer and renowned as an outstanding outfit manufacturer for dancers.

Discover all our models in our store. We produce according to your required measurements.

You can also create your own model. Send sketch/picture/the video of your dress with all possible details. We offer you a quote. We also create exclusive designs for dance schools. We are ready to advise you at